Warnayaka Art Gallery – Indigenous Aboriginal Art – Warlpiri Jukuurpa in Paint

Warnayaka Art is owned by the artists who paint here.  

They receive 60% of the sale of their art.  40% is used to pay for the materials and other costs such as travel to exhibitions and markets.  

Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards.

Artists in our gallery have been finalists in the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Awards. The older Indigenous generation’s artistic style has come from using ochre on the body, Warlpiri’s main form of artistic practice. 

The same repetitive process of stroke upon stroke is used by the artists as they do when applying body paints …the process of meditative application; the work is more than paint on canvas but a meaningful process, producing a bold strong outcome.

The community has close connections with all groups through the Tanami region where dot art dominates.  Now colourful works, a mixture of dot and line depict subjects containing Indigenous Aboriginal ceremony, law, culture, environment and society or “jukurrpa” (dreaming). All the work is catalogued in our gallery and comes with a certificate of authentification.  If you visit you may meet the artist as well.