Biddy Timms

About Biddy Timms

Napanangka is a Warlpiri woman. She speaks Warlpiri and Jaru. Her father, Tiger Timms Jupurrurla, was of a Warlpiri sub tribe Ngaliya. Her mother was a Warlpiri-Kukatja woman from the Balgo region in WA. Warlpiri are a Tanami Desert people. 2 sub tribes from the north now live in Lajamanu, Ngaliya and Warnayaka. Napanangka moved to Lajamanu from Gordon Downs after her father died there. Napanangka knows her ceremony's and law and dances. Her first medium was body art in ochre and oils. Napanangka has had four daughters with 3 still surviving. Her daughters now have many children. Her favourite past times are caring for her grandchildren, cleaning her house and of course painting and spending time in the art centre. Napanangka started painting in 2009. Her daughter Jenny is also a keen artist.

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