Painting by Elizabeth Nungarrayi Ross



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Medium: Painting
800x300mm Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas
Year: 2023
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About Elizabeth Nungarrayi Ross

Nungarrayi worked at the school for many years in the bilingual education program, developing resources for teaching Warlpiri. She loved to learn and took higher education studies at Batchelor College over the years. Her culture was important to her and Nungarrayi really understood so much about it. She painted when she had spare time, then later after retirement spent a lot more time at the art centre painting.  Nungarrayi did ceremony and song all her life as well as teaching children.  She was a committed member of her church and Kurdiji Law Group. Her art was bold in dots depicting Jukurrpa or in lines again of Jukurrpa .  Another favourite subject of her art was birds including the spinifex pigeon. Her favourite past time in retirement was painting and updating an anthropology database Warlpiri can access.  All the staff at the art centre miss her after she passed away in 2020.

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