Painting by Sonya Napaljarri Cooke


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Medium: Painting
400x300mm Acrylic on Canvas
Year: 2019
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About Sonya Napaljarri Cooke

Sonya is the wife of Henry Jakamarra Cooke who was a dynamic community leader. He is now over 100 years old.Sonya has a number of sons and daughters and lives in Lajamanu in a large extended lively household.Sonya and Henry often painted in the art centre together. Sonya is a traditional lady knowing her culture and history and began painting in the early '80's.  Sonya depicts her Jukurrpa or Dreaming in dots or in line work.  Her art is from a topographical view as is many Central Desert artworks.  In these works she includes the local animals and people that are the guardians who live in the places she is painting.  They have lived there since the beginning of time.Sonya also knows a lot about the local medicine plants and their uses and loves to teach this to her grand daughters.

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