Mina Mina


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Medium: Painting
1200 x 600mm Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas
Year: 2022
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About Teddy Dixon

Teddy Japanangka is an older gentleman in his 70's now.  He has led an active life.  Early on as with many Warlpiri his age he traveled about the Tanami on foot with family.  The cattle industry had already devastated key water sources and massacred many Warlpiri families. Teddy witnessed his father and grandfather shot on the same day at Mt Doreen by the white stock men.  Mining impacted more. Settling into either a cattle station or govt out posts such as Yuendumu became essential to survive.  Teddy then as many was consumed again by the cattle industry and worked for them for many years for zero wages. He came to settle in Lajamanu and has worked for the govt agencies such as the school until around 2012 again for dole money. Teddy now spends his time caring for older people of Lajamanu spending hours cooking cleaning and shopping for them.  His art work means he can have a quiet time.  He holds knowledge of the creatures and life as a desert land owner.  

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