Women Dreaming


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Medium: Painting
400x300mm Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas
Year: 2022
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About Judy Nambia Martin

Napangardi was born on her lands around 1939.  These were the lands of her father and grandfathers.  Her other Dreaming sites are Minamina near Lake Mackay.  Her father Japanangka passed away shortly after she was born.  He passed away in his lands.  Her Mother, Lorna Fencer Napurrurla or Yulyurlu, her real name, raised Judy in the bush.She spent her formative years in the bush until some white people rounded the family up against their will and took them to Yuendumu. Judy thinks the problem was the gold at the site now called the Granites. Many of the family ended up addicted to alcohol in Alice Springs.  Only Judy never drank. Judy had 8 brothers and sisters and 3 daughters.  Of all her brothers and sisters she has six surviving grandchildren.Judy Napangardi Martin Selected Exhibitions: 1991 Lajamanu - Warlpiri Artsist from Lajamanu, Coo-ee,Sydney 1991 Ngurra Mala - Les Lieux du Reve, Ecole des beaux-arts, Grenoble, France 1991 Yapa, Peintres Aborigenes De Balgo et Lajamanu - Baudoin Lebon Gallery, Paris 1992 Lajamanu Dreamings 2 - Technical and Further Education College Darwin 1998 Aboriginal Olympic Exhibition - Phillip Morris, Lausanne 1998 Warnayaka Warlpiri - Karen Brown Gallery, Darwin 2000 Lajamanu Womens Artists, Coo-ee, Sydney. 2000 Artists of Lajamanu - Tandanya, Adelaide 2000 Artists of Lajamanu - Japingka Gallery, Fremantle 2003 Yilpinji, Love, Magic and Ceremony - Japingka Gallery, Fremantle 2003 Darwin Entertainment Centre Gallery 2003 Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 2005 Judy Napangardi Martin - Japingka Gallery, Fremantle 2008 Darwin Entertainment Centre Gallery 2009 Lajamanu Milpirri

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