bush seed dreaming


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Medium: Painting
1800 x 600mm Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas
Year: 2022
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About Rosie And Molly Napurrurla Tasman

Rosie and Molly are two sisters who have the same father and different mothers. Now they are in the later part of their lives. They have lived together their whole lives and have been successful in raising their children together. They come together to the art centre and paint.They both spent their formative years walking throughout the Tanami Desert and to Halls Creek in Western Australia.  They remember their old laws and the privileges women had under the old laws that have been lost under foreign laws.  They remember WWII and the impacts it had to their people in the Tanami desert. They are both senior law people.They are exceedingly generous people who love their traditional art, food and culture.  The dynamics of their life is reflected in their art.

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